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Welcome to The Vivid Support Online Computer Repair Services

Welcome to The Vivid Support: Online Computer Repair Services We are a team of Microsoft and Cisco certified IT professionals that provide Remote Online Computer Repair Services and Virus Support Services. With the advancement in technology, we can now solve any problems you face with your computer within seconds. CALL US the moment you need help with your computer and we will be more than happy to take care of it for you. At Vivid Support, we value your business and with our value plans, you can enjoy unlimited access to all our services at no additional charge. Call now and get a free PC Clean-up, a $79 value for free!


Our Services
  • Malware & Virus Protection
    • Proper installation of anti-virus in your computer
    • Upgrading of anti-virus to its latest version
    • For the sake of timely upgrade, un-installation of System Mechanic & Shield anti-virus
    • Diagnosis of viruses, malwares, spywares and Trojans in your machine
    • Elimination of diagnosed threats
    • Alteration in security settings in such a way, which will help better protection
    • Making the settings of anti-virus, according to the customer requirement
    • For more efficient working of your computer, fine tuning of your computer and development of compatibility of installed anti-virus with your computer
  • Operating System
    • Setup configuration, install and upgrading of all the Windows as per your requirement
    • If necessary, installation and upgrading of required device drivers
    • Creation of back up for the files of all Windows
    • Restoration of en-corrupted files and folders of windows
    • Abolition of errors, whether they are of any type i.e. resided errors or run time errors
    • Removal of compatibility issues of machine components and their respective drivers
    • Adjustment of networking, Internet and wireless problems
  • Emails & Outlook
    • Restoring of problematic email folders in Microsoft Outlook, Microsof Outlook Express, and other commonly used email packages.
    • Resolving of email client and server issues so that you can send and receive emails without any interruptions.
    • Configuring email accounts to block spam emails being sent from your email account and blocking spam emails forwarded to you.
    • Setting up of such a setup, which will help in storing back-up utilities so that you can create archive of your emails and can save previous conversations from losing.
    • Help you to transfer one email client to another including migration of address books, contact lists, folder configurations, and internet settings.
  • Issues with Laptops & Desktops
    • Complete checking of computer and its compatibility with hardware devices
    • Installation of an appropriate operating system for your machine
    • Installation of purchased or free software according to your need
    • Setting up of printers and scanners with your machine
    • Creation of wireless connectivity for your machine
    • Generation of e-mail accounts and restoration of previous data from old machine
    • Proper storing of data and making data virus free
    • Incubation of security software and enhancement in security settings.
Support Coverage

The main product brands and arch manufacturers supported are as follows.

index Acer Certified Microsoft Tech Support Microsoft Windows Online Tech Support Windows
Certified Canon Online Support Canon Certified Compaq Online Support Compaq Epson Printers Online Support Epson
HP Products Online Support HP Dell Computers Online Support Dell Netgear Online Tech Support Netgear
Lenovo Computer and Laptop Support Lenovo Lexmark Online Tech Support Lexmark Linksys Online Computer Support Linksys
Cisco Online Tech Support Cisco Sony Online Tech Support Sony Toshiba Laptop and Desktop Support Toshiba
Adobe Products Support Adobe Intuit Online Tech Support Intuit Norton Antivirus Tech Support Norton
Macafee Online Tech Support McAfee


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